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2001-05-22 06:48:39 (UTC)

long days.....rainy windows?

sooo, i've spent another day helping a friend out!
this i didnt mind doing tho, it didn't take too much effort
on my part.
i just sorta sat there and yelled out how to make the html
tags (he s workin on his web page)
so today was pretty long. I got another job (one that will
only last for 3 weeks. after that I ll be at the Y.
so, it was a wet day. ive never been soo involuntarily wet
in my life! oh well, if its the only way to um..get wet i
ll have to take really i am.

anyhow, i m going to have to cut this short. i have to see
a man about a dog (take a trip to the crapper if ya must