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2002-04-06 00:13:55 (UTC)

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                       Point of view
                       Will you end up achieving what you set out to
achieve? It all depends on
                       your point of view.
                       You can view fear as a reason to stop, and
allow that fear to hold you back.
                       Or you can see fear as a preparation for moving
ahead, learn from what it has
                       to teach, and go confidently forward.
                       You can view each challenge as an excuse for
failure, and fill your life with
                       regrets. Or you can see each challenge as a
pathway to success, and fill your
                       life with achievement.
                       You can look for who is to blame when things go
wrong, and fill your thoughts
                       with resentment. Or you can look for ways to
make things right, and fill your
                       moments with positive, effective action.
                       Success, achievement, happiness and fulfillment
all depend not so much on
                       what's there, but rather on how you choose to
view it and use it. You can
                       choose to see the world in a way that will
defeat you, or you can view it in a
                       way that will empower you.
                       What's your point of view? See the positive
side of each situation, and you'll
                       find yourself living on the positive side of
                       -- Ralph Marston

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