2002-04-05 22:42:13 (UTC)

I don't know...

I'm just sitting here, and I don't know. I'm planning on
doing all of my homework over the weekened, prep for
tests, do some extra study in French. We have a Test in
Physics of which I don't know squat on, on Tuesday. I wanna
take a small tape recorder for the class on Monday so that
I can record everything she sais. Cause on Monday she
usually gives us all the answers for the front page of the
test. So I'll record that and listen to it at home. When I
can patiently learn it at my own pace.
In French, I'm hoping to catch up to the class. Or atleast
work at a double pace so that I get close enough to catch
up. Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll be pretty well
educated to take the test on like Monday, or Tuesday. The
latest on Wednesday.

I don't know how that whole Louisiana thing will work out.
I mean it's just a thought now. I gotta go get my tarot
read again choosing between Chicago, Santa Paula, and New
Orleans. Where should I move after high school? I have so
many questions. I gotta research this. Great, more work. I
was suppose to start and finish the Hobbit before I was
required to read Dracula, but I guess I can either pull it
off at the same time, or finish Dracula super fast, and
automatically start on the hobbit. But I gotta catch up
with French before anything happens.

Oh yeah, this weekeend, I'm also planning on finally
printing out that yoga stuff so I have the whole week to
prep for it, and plan. Once I'll print it out, I'll see
what I can do, what should follow what, should I have
different sequences, when should I change my sequences,
when will I be ready to advance, to what positions,
e.t.c... I'm hoping I'll be able to do headstands soon. I
want to be able to do the scorpion position before the year
is up. (Hopefully, I'll mean the school year.)

I think I was gonna write more, but I forgot and such.
Hopefully I'll go to the movies or something this weekend.
I finally got in contanct again with one of my friends who
I never see, online or anywhere. So hopefully we'll go

Oh yeah, I went to Starbucks to get an aplication yesterday
since we had 1/2 a day and my brother was suppose to pick
me up at regular time. So I took Belmont to Lincoln/
Ashland/ Belmont. I then took the wrong bus (Ashland) to
Montrose. I didn't realize it until it took a turn and
stopped by a cemetery. So I walked on, and the next street
was montrose. So Later I took Montrose to Lincoln, where by
the way I saw another Starbucks. I later walked from
Lincoln 1/2 through to Belmont, until I cought a bus. Five
minutes later we drove by it so I walked back, went in and
asked for an aplication. They then told me they were out. (
Funny enough, I didn't get mad.) So I just went home, since
I was doing this for like 2 hours.

I think I was gonna write more, but I forgot and such.