mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-05 22:08:05 (UTC)

money the distroyer of realtionships....

well, lets see, i am in the hole fianacially, i need to
have mmy check cashed at stop&shop then put balance into
bank after i get gas money. I normally just put money into
bank and then make a w/d to get what i need. but with acct
in negative i have to cash check 1st then make deposit.
I Love You Lisa , and I am doin my best to get us through
this.... I dont know how we will get through this, but, my
faith in God tells me that he wont give us more than we can
bear, so I must trust in the Lord to take care of this
situation. I am trying to keep my head high, figuring that
the job interview will go in my favor.
TTFN, I guess... #2