mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-04-05 21:42:34 (UTC)

Lisa's not talkin to me,....AGAIN !

well, lets is friday april 5th 2002. Lisa isnt
speaking to me again, and she hasnt spoken to me since wed.
so now we are on 2nd day of silence. I get bent at her
cause she was givin me grief bout me and how i treat my
kids (Jon in particular). I think she gets very jealous of
the time that I spend in Ct with my kids . when i am in ct,
she keeps askin when will i be home, if kids are in ma, she
wants me to take time off from work to be with them. she
and I as well, cant have it both ways.
As usual, I am the bad guy. If I am spending time with my
kids in Ct,I am neglecting Lisa....If I take time off from
work to be with kids when they are in Ma, I am risking
gettin in trouble with work, so, I go to work & then I am
neglecting the kids in Ma. It is a catch-22, and I cannot
win no matter what.
I love Lisa, and I truthfully want things to work for us,
but it is getting harder every day. financial situation
isnt getting any better either. Right now , it appears that
I am gonna have to close my annunity and figure out how to
cover my ass at tax time next yr. I was in major sling this
yr, and if i close this out next yr wont be much prettier.
well, i got a job interview next week, maybe things will
get better

TTFN - I guess....