Autumn Always
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2002-04-05 21:07:51 (UTC)

Vegamite Sandwich

Things have been going pretty well. Work really slowed down
the last 2 days. It's been a nice break. It wont last long
though. I'm off today thank god. I've been having such a
nice me day. Slept late, got my paycheck, ran to the bank,
ate chocolate, saw Dad, gonna watch a movie see Lynn then
later see Patrick, I got ahold of Carrie and Nathaniel
today, it's just great. And at work when I got my paycheck,
they gave me two shirts!!! I know it's silly but I feel
like I'm moving up, I'm so damn proud of a stupid tee shirt
with the logo on it. I've been there long enough now she
see's how serious I am. I'm beyond thrilled. Life is good.
Still dealing with the anxiety but thats nothing new.
Working on it. I'm really worried about Patricks friend
Sam. He got arrested for formating stolen computers. It
makes me so angry. He's such a good person, I hope
everything works out for him. It just has to. And I think
I'm going to treat myself to a dress I want at the mall
because my savings are doing wonderfully and I haven't
treated myself to anything in along time. Go me :) And now
I'm in a writing mood so off I go :) I'll write soon.