Yellow Angel

Larmes d'un ange
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2001-05-22 04:15:48 (UTC)


Ohmygod, how stupid can one be to PASS a cop...on the
RIGHT?? I'm such a retard!!!! He scared the fuck out of
me...the guy made me get out of the car...I thought he was
gonna give me a sobriety test or something. But he
didn't...He was a really nice guy except for the fact that
he wanted to scare the fucking shit out of me! Here's how
the convo went:

are you in a rush to get somewhere? you were
going pretty fast.....i passed me on the RIGHT
and i was going 45 you know the speed limit is
45......yes.....have you ever gotten a ticket in this you ever been pulled you want a (giving hima weird look) know that
would raise your insurance about $250...yes.....that's a
lot of money.....yes......well, added to your dad's if i let you go with a verbal
you'll slow down...yes.....i know you have a nice car and
all but that doesn't mean you should speed.....i should be careful, you are free to
go......thank careful and slow down hun.....

I was soo scared was awful! I made David drive
the rest of the way...I was like I'm never ever driving
again....It was such an awful thing...whatever though...

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