What's up now?
2002-04-05 19:24:31 (UTC)

another weekend....

So last ngiht erin and I went home for the night...She
wanted me to go to the doctors with her, so we went :) We
hung out with Mary, rita, and Emily...3 very fun girls :)
We had a really good time just watching TV, gossipping, and was fun, then erin and I had breakfast with my
dad this morning, lunch with my mom, and now I'm back :)
It was good...a lotta shit went down before I left for the
night so it was really good to go out and have a good
time!!! Today I will be spending my time working, painting
the womens aid shelter, and then hanging out with michelle,
most likely chatting it up about all the shit that went
down yesterday...Good times should be in store for all!!
Tomorrow I will be working, studying, working, working at
stopmdown, then chillin with the girlies...okay so it'll
probably just be me erin jenny and elizabeth chillin at
erins, but it will be a lotta fun!!! Yea :) Next week
looks extremely busy so I have to get my ass geared up for
that!! Have a good weekend everyone :)