The lost little girl
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2002-04-05 17:02:26 (UTC)

well well well..look who it is, back for more?

well i had a blast at kareoke last night. it was Chris,
Aggie, julie, Emily, Aaron, Kate, Jimmie, Jeff, Crystal,
James Farmer, and myself...i had so much fun. There was this
really hot guy...and when happened was he was standing near
the bar with these two guys...one i don't know and the other
i do. he's a regular and his name is Carl..and he said
something to me...carl did...so i walked over to find out
what he said. He was trying to get me to sing, ( i hadn't
been feeling good so i said no)and the other guy ( his name
is greg) was just standing there listening. and then the
other guy was getting into it to...like " come on, please,
i'll buy you a drink..oh come on please...sing FANCY...come
on you know you can sing it..sing it for me,...no wait..sing
it for my son..you know my son...Mike...Mike -----" i was
like...oh good lord...of all people i had to run into the
father of the biggest dickhead i have ever known. what the
fuck?!?!Like i'm about to do anything for Colby..HAHAHA!!
yeah right. anyway...back to the original story. so all
night i talk with greg about various things...he went to
school around here..stuff like that....and then he was
like.." so how old are you.." and i was like.." 18...i'll be
19 in november why?" and he gave me this look and was
like.." oh..that's what i thought..i'm a little older than
that" i was like.." hmm...like?" and he's like "..um..26" so
i'm thinking that's it..i have just lost hope in this..and
then he's like.." um..would it be to much to ask if i
said..can i have your number" the little people in my head
started their happy dances and i said sure...never the
less...things were strange.
i'm going to see clockstoppers with crystal tonight cuz she
asked me to last week. and i guess i can't get out of it. (
just kidding crystal) and well i should prolly go..but
before i do..I WUV OO!- janie

daily quote:
"DON'T MAKE ME LICK YOU!"- katie last night at kareoke

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