The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-04-05 15:56:01 (UTC)

Friday!...that is what today be!

well la de da!..10 DAYS!!! till my birthday! i am sooooo
excited!..and then today i got krispy kreme donhuts!~ yummy
and nothin really special happened...ummm poor Emily is on
Crutches, and Ashley isnt wearing what she wore yesterday
soo if you are trying to look for Ashley in a Green and gold
(glittery) star shirt then you wont find her because she is
clean and she is NOT wearing what she wore yesterday she is
wearing what she wore TODAY! and so just in case you all
needed to know that you now know!..ummm..blah blah and Mary
Emily told me that i am sposed to ask you about Beavers?!
oh well i am going to go now so ill see yall later
love ya

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