living life
2002-04-05 15:55:01 (UTC)


So it's friday and Im sitting here waiting to go to my 11
o'clock poli sci class. I didn't go to my 10 o'clock religion
class because well because it's religion. That class is
always forever long and the professor is an idiot.
Anyways.........I've been talking to this guy that Im
working with at Cedar Point this summer! He is such a
sweetheart and he says a lot of great things to me that
alot of guys would never say. He told me he's not a
"typical" cedar point guy and well that makes me ahppy
in it's self. He wants more then just a good lay. I talked
to Brian again last night UGH!!! Im trying to be his friend
but he wants more then that and I dont want a
relationship with anyone right now unless i will see
them this summer!!!!!! Why cant he understand
that???UGH my tooth is hurting like a bitch and my eye
is blood shot today. I really just want to go back today
bed and sleep until cedar point start. Then I can meet
all these lovely people that the chat room I've been
hanging out in. Then MAYBE just maybe I can try to find
someone to start something with but who knows
nothing ever works the way I want it to. I'll probably just
be alone all summer. Steph and I are gonna be
Rent-a-Fucks for the summer and charge by the hour.
well this is it for today Im going to go back to bed now.
Im not going to classes today they'ce become an option
to me!!!!! :)