Pure Belligerence
2001-05-22 01:57:28 (UTC)

*Amy: biggest fake EVER*

my old lady wasnt there... again! Ok, this may need some
explaining. Me and Kat do this this called friendly
visitors on mondays. Its where we visit with and elderly
lady for an hour every week. She just hasnt been there for
the past few weeks... and kat has called her the night
before and she says its fine... but then we get there and
nothing. I think shes more senile than she looks. But its
on a road thats right off the green so thats ok... we hang
out. Today we went to the playground while we were waiting
for her mom to pick us up. Then we walked on bank
street... one of the two places theyre filming the movie.
It was really funny... the movie people were doing free
repairs to all the shoppes to make them look pretty! One
little antique store hand shirts on their maniquins that
said DEEDS comes to New Milford... hehe how stupid. Im
waiting to see if that'll be in the movie. I took a pic of
myself and put it with the form in an envelope that im
gonna mail tomorrow. When i was talking to Kat today.... i
found out many things. She got ditched at the prom by her
prom date aka her best friend who she has liked for two
years... and he knows this... but he ditched her for her
other friend and they were making out.... poor kat. I have
also found out what i stand for today and thats ....*drum
roll please*... NOTHING. I am a fake... a poser... a
follower. UGH. So this is why i am changing... or rather
adding on to my diary name!! Yep, until i change it will
be my reminder to be my own person!

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