listen to my silences
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2002-04-05 14:11:41 (UTC)

most wonderful

ever had someone love you so much they'd do anything to
help you out and brighten your day? ever known anyone to
prove it? ever wished that person would never leave and
things wouldn't change? ever thought that maybe you didn't
deserve any of this?

i have.

absolutely anything, you're there.
your light surpasses the sun.
going nowhere alone, you're here.
understanding, love, and patience you own.
changing together, you'll not leave.
and i will not go without you.

ever loved someone so much you feel it deep within you?
ever known how to prove that? ever wished you could find
the words to tell them? ever hurt so much just because
someone else is in pain? ever hoped you could take all of
their problems away? ever wanted to do anything just to
make them smile or laugh? ever thought you were in love?

i have.

my love goes higher than the highest of heavens
my love goes deeper than the deepest of seas
my love goes farther than the farthest horizon
and my love
it reaches to thee

i have felt these things. i do feel these things. i hope
you have. i feel very sorry for you if you haven't. to be
able to understand what i'm speaking of, to experience it,
is to truly live.

final thought: love is the most wonderful thing. you are
the essence of the word love. therefore you are the most
wonderful thing.

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