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2001-05-22 01:27:06 (UTC)

hArd ships

My brother chris, i luv him, but he just totalled his car,
and this is like the 5th accident he's gotten , we can't
afford this, i'm getting my learners permit next month but
since my parents are divorced and my dad lives like 6
states away, he's not exactly here, so we have all of one
car, and on top of that, my mom works saturdays-
wednesdays, this might be complicated to understand but her
days off are thursdays, and fridays, so atleast i get a
ride somewhere on fridays , but she works till six at night
and comes home really tired so she never wants to let me go
anywhere, were not rich so buying another car when i turn
16 will be sorta hard, i dunno, my dad will probably have
to buy it for, me, i really want a mitsubish eclipse spyder
gs-turbo.. a very nice car, a 98... i think red exterior
with tan convertable top, and tan leather interior, sounds
nice, well thats what i dream about, in reality, i'll get
some old 82' volvo thats rusted, who knows but, the main
difficulty is, i can't do afterschool sports, or get a job,
and my brother can't get to his job, or his college
classes, so it really hard on the family,
peace, luv ya bye

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