down in my eyes
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2002-04-05 09:42:54 (UTC)

Sex, Groupies, & Rock 'n Roll.

My ears are still ringing, baadly. The show was cool, but LOUD.

My buddy Alex came, to take me to my show.
We ended up getting lost along the way, cuz i gave him
the wrong directions, but we ended up finding our way.
When we got there, i was scared i wouldn't be able to
find a ride home.

When i got inside, Moraline was already playing, opening
up for the show. I started talking to the ladies
selling the NHOI merchandise, 'n i bought their new
album, Limited Edition, 'n a NHOI pin. I don't
remember his name, but i also started talking to an ex
guitar player, of NHOI. They wanted to save me a buck
or two, 'n did so, by giving me alot more stickers, for
free. I dunno if it was planned or not- but they made
it seem likea good deal.

Chris, the drummer, was around the table, so we started
talking, 'n he took a pic, 'n signed my album cover, for
me. I just left the whole album cover open, 'n later,
Johnny, the bassist, Jeff, the guitarist, 'n DJ, the
lead, came around, 'n signed it, too.

Jeff immediately recognized me from the Save Ferris
show, 'n DJ did, too. Both of of 'em hugged me, 'n we talked.
They told me it was nice to see me there. awesome.

Crosstown Rival, Split 7 (yay, eddie!), 'n Girl
Repelant, played their opening part of the show.
It was LOUD, 'n a few guyz started the moshing, when
Split 7 was up. It was LOUD, but cool, up until acouple
dorks pushed 'n elbowed me in the jaw. I think i'm bruised, too.
I don't think i've ever been shoved so hard.

Never Heard Of It, finally played, 'n they did an
awesome job. I was up near the front, 'N it was LOUD.
I feel deaf for the moment, but i was rocken out.
Never Heard Of It's kick ass.
DJ tried to crowdsurf a couple times- too bad chain
reaction's such a small venue, 'n crowd surfing isn't
allowed there. Otherwise, i prolly woulda tried it
again. Damn, it's SOO fun, 'n it's so addicting.
Chris, as usual, had his shirt off, during the show.
DJ was so cute, cuz during their first song, he was
wearing a baseball hat, 'n a hoodie sweater. By the
second song, he wasn't wearing a baseball hat anymore.
By the third song, the sweater was gone, 'n DJ was just
wearing a cut-off shirt. .

Never Heard Of It played well. All of the boys were
sweating like maniacs, but looked cute, NEways.
At the end of their show, I accidently saw my girl
friend, Andrea, for the first time, since we graduated
high school. I asked her, 'n she said she was cool
about giving me a ride. Awesome.
My friend then told me, that she 'n acoupla other friends
of hers, have had some MAJOR drama with the boys...