a watercolour stain
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2002-04-05 08:53:05 (UTC)

oooh my cat had her kittens..

oooh my cat had her kittens today!! :) there's 5 and they
are soo cute. ike's supposed to get off early tomorrow.
(only time will tell.) saturday's the day we're supposed
to go to dinner w/ his family. so that means i'll be
visiting my family too. so *that* means i have a ton of
stuff to do before then. i have to get the rest of
mommie's birhtday gift, the outfit for my sister, and the
games for davey. plus, i have to get the money order for
nikki and possibly get craft supplies. i have *3* people
interested in buying wands! yay! i'm not sure how much to
sell them for though. i was thinking 10 or 15 dollars.
i'll have to think about it. well, i'm gonna go. :P

~violet stardust