jallure's eyes
2001-05-22 00:48:48 (UTC)

family matters

like i talked about in my last entry...there has been "heat
at home" once again. however, it has gotten funny to me...
mom is talking crazy as hell... saying shit like "i
understand how people get crazy enough to want to kill a
person" i guess she been a little pissed lately.....
gosh, i cant wait till they move out im so hoping that they

well all through this drama im so glad that RC has been
there for me... im starting to re-realize why i love him so
much and why i do not want to let him go for any reasons.
ahh... i love being in love with him... i miss him dearly,
yet i saw him only yesterday...*sighs* i cant wait to see
him this weekend... well ill write again later.

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