Meshed Up
2002-04-05 06:57:47 (UTC)

1 stupid question, 2 answers

today i asked a stupid question. whether i did it on
purpose or not, i really don't know. but one thing i know,
i got two very different responses from two people.

i was having lunch at subway, eating a six-inch steak and
cheese sandwich. one of my friends said, 'i should've just
ordered a footlong.'

i said, 'you're hungry huh?' and then the stupid
question, 'how long is a footlong?'

friend number one snickered. 'how long is a footlong?' he
sounded as if he was mocking me.

friend number two said, 'a footlong is around this long.'
he made a gesture with his hands. 'you're eating a six-inch
sandwich right? it's basically just two six-inch sandwiches
put together.'

so there you have it people. my stupid question with two
not so stupid answers.

the thing is, i know how long a footlong is. i know a foot
is 12 inches. and i know that a footlong sandwich equals
two 6-inch sandwiches. i don't know why i asked that
question. for the sake of conversation maybe? for the sake
of finding something out?

i don't regret asking that question and making myself look
like a fool though because i got two very different
answers. one was not helpful at all. the other was helpful.
and nice. one made me feel stupid. the other made me feel
like i was just asking a question.

some people make us feel stupid all the time. it's either
they're just really smart people, or they enjoy making
people look stupid, or they just can't stand stupid people.
i know my question was foolish, but did that give him the
right to make me feel foolish? does that give us the right
to make people feel foolish?

i'm definitely not the smartest person in the world, but i
really can't stand smartasses. dumbasses are all right i
suppose..unless they're dumb and yet they feel like they're
really intelligent. like this certain doctor that i know
who thinks he's so mature and funny and smart as well. i
can't stand him at all because for one, he's not mature,
he's not funny, and i think he's a dumbass. but of course,
i just put a smile to my face, pretend everything's not
awry and just go along with the flow. life's so much
simpler that way. simpler and yet more complicated. because
you get so much more insights... you observe so much learn so much more.

i should speak my mind more often i reckon. but then i
might just bring myself into deeper shit. really simpler to
keep my thoughts to myself and just write them down here.
at least in writing, i find people who understand me.
people who listen to me.

oh wellz.. that's another mask for you all to see. i act
like a dumbass sometimes (as clearly illustrated above).
actually, i act like a dumbass around that guy. that guy
who snickered at my stupid question. hmmm. like what i
said, so much simpler to act like a dumbass when you're
around people who think they're smart. so much simpler and
yet so much more complex. because i've learned something
new again today. it's nothing really ... just this:

'we don't have the right to make people feel foolish.'

but of course there's always an exception to the rule. and
the exception to this rule is if the person is really
stupid and yet thinks he's the smartest person in the
world, then it's all right to make him feel stupid. he
deserves it anyway.