lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2002-04-05 05:40:12 (UTC)

"but i love you!!"

mmmm yes. well here's my beach camping entry. haha this
time you guys might actually be interested since most of
the people reading this weren't there. much love, though.
very much.

so somehow i woke up at 8 am on wednesday, just rarin' to
go, i guess. haha i took a shower & finished packing &
drove to the store & we picked up meghan & then we were at
church. everybody was already freezing cold, so that's a
good sign, huh? oh wait, no.

then we ate @ pacific view mall. kari, meg, mal, kevin,
joe, chris, and i all jammed into a booth at red robin.
kari & i shared some sort of ecstasy drink that was served
in a bong, so that was kinda neat. umm yeah. then we
snuck out of the restaurant to buy pretzels & came back to
eat them while everyone else chowed down on their $15
meals. haha cheapskates rock! we had this awesome
waitress who had a sailor's mouth & told us her life
story...even though she was only 21. chris fell in love
with her. it was a weird hour of my life.

then we got to carp & set up camp...ahh the girls set up
the biggest, beeeeestliest tent you've ever seen w/o the
help of a single boy. i guess we redeemed ourselves from
the lake san antonio experience.

kari & i then got the brilliant idea to get into the
water. don't ever mess with us. we got in when it was
like 30 degrees...little chunks of ice were floating on
it...animals were even dying from the extreme conditions.
ok not really but it was freakin' cold. not even our
rashguards or wetsuits.

then we ran & took a blazing hot shower & made everyone in
the surrounding campsites think we were totally gay church
girls. it didn't help that we changed together in the tent
and started throwing clothing items out one by one. heh

then mal & meg & i walked on the beach & got attacked by
some monstrous guys playing baseball. "hey babe." "hey
ladies! how's the water?" "heyyyy what's upppp?"...yeah
those are SUCH good pickup lines. try them out, guys.

then kari, mal, meg, joe, and i walked to rainbow ice cream
& checked out the surf shops on linden. it was cute. and
we encountered the beastly guys again but they had a chick
with them and we had a guy so they didn't attack.

then meg left to play yahtzee by herself or something, and
the rest of us walked down the beach for like a mile
discovering these weird suckers from some creature & a
football & soccer ball & all kinds of stuff really. some
stuff i'd rather not see, but that's all chill.

then we walked alll the way back & checked in with paul &
walked allll the way down the other way & turned around
when high tide almost killed us. the sunset was awesome &
kari & i were getting sappy over it but that's ok!!

then we ate @ the beach house. burgers...cate and lindy...

ahh i have to get off...more tomorrow. ahh kids i'm having
surgery so come over!!

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