Procrastination is Key
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2002-04-05 04:38:08 (UTC)


I realize that i have written nothing of worth in here for
like 3 weeks or something- sorry. I guess I just complain to
everybody about stuff enough that i don't really feel the
need to write it!:-p Anyway, this whole Tailand thing- i
thought I was pretty interested at first, probably b/c my
advisor was really pushing it- talking about how with the
classes that I am already taking and will be taking it would
be the most logical choice... but I don't know if I really
like the classes that I have taken- esp. math 83, when he
saw that he was like "now you really should go there" I ONLY
if I went by the old requirements for a BS in envir
sciences- but now they have this funky packet thing and I am
kinda confused I think. Anyway- I am taking a class next
semester (I hope) about marine science- and what if I am
interested in that!? I might want to go to the beach for my
semester program instead, or maybe even the mountains! I
know a girl that is going to the program at the beach next
fall so I will have to keep in touch with her about it. Plus
those are both fall semester only and in NC. Tailand for 6
1/2 months- I don't think I am ready to be that on my own
yet. Not that I would be there all by myself, but 3 or 4
other students that I don't really know isn't going to do
much to help me most likely. Plus I think I was intrigued
by the mention that I could possibly graduate a semester
early by going to Tailand... but if I am going to graduate
school most likely anyway- what big of a difference is one
semester going to make?
So obviously I have not made up my mind in any way shape or
form- but at least I am thinking about it a little ahead of
Have to try and get a room for next year on tue- I am
thinking that the outlook is bleak- I don't know what I will
do if I am stuck on South Campus again...not only that, if I
have to be on S campus, yet not in one of the new dorms
(they are already filled up) I think I might go crazy and
hurt somebody- truely, I wouldn't be able to look at those
dorms on my walk to class every day and remain sane.
I think I had at least one fan of the song I posted
yesterday:-p Its pretty decent although the girl kinda gets
carried away with herself during the song:-p
Alright- perhaps I will get ready for bed since I am still
sickly and I actually have to get up to go to all three
classes tomorrow:-/ I get to see my boy in a day!!:-D woohoo