The Diary of Rebecca Kinser
2001-05-21 23:45:17 (UTC)

Year Book Signing Day

Dear Diary,
Today we got out yearbooks! My picture looks
awfull,but of course everyone elses turned out fine. I got
Marc to sign it! Yay! And Andrew signed it too,so did
Johnny and Curt. But it doesnt really matter if they
did,cuz they're my buds....cute buds. I havent gottten Zack
to sign it yet and I'm planning on bringing it in tommorrow
and getting everyone to sign that didnt.
In language class,we're working on My Fair Lady. We'd
gotton through senes 1-8 and had to do sene 9 today. The
problem was though...that we didn't have people for the
sene. Mrs.K picked Marc to be Higgins again. He makes a
great Higgins,the thing that surprised me is that she
picked me to be Eliza! I was like, ok, I can do this. What
I didnt know was that this is the sene where higgins starts
to fall in Love with Eliza....and I just happen to like
Marc! Mrs.K has been putting us together every chance she
gets ever since I told her I liked him. I was doing my part
fine on stage,I just hope people couldnt tell I was shaking
like a maniac. I got used to it and was doing fine untill
the narator read one thing..."HIGGINS walks quickly to the
door,stops,turns around and walks to Eliza,he offers his
arm to her,she takes it and they walk off stage"....My face
was SO RED, I did it,but I was like...ohmigosh. HE was fine
with it,he looked very calm and happy,kinda like,
Yeah...this is kewl...we're friends. BUt I'm
like...starstruck...They're were alot of parts in there
when Higgins had to gaze at is SUCH the
best teacher. Alrighty,well...I write tommorrow,I'm outta
stuff to say. So,bye for now.

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