fucked up
2002-04-05 04:09:21 (UTC)

i miss sandee. i think about..

i miss sandee. i think about her all of the time. ask
matt. i think he's probably getting anoyed by it. actually
i doubt that he is but i know that i would be. i love her
so much. i don't know what i would do if i ever lost her.
right now i feel like i have, but its different becuase i
know that their is a way to fix that. i just don't know
how with her being so far away. i don't know what to do.
i miss her alot. i love her soooooo much. I think
sometimes that we were sisters in a past life, or something
els equally fucked up. oh well im done here. oh wait. i
got a baby farrett. i love him so much, he is so sweet,
untill he starts eating that is. then hes a mean little
bitch. oh well. i still love him. Mars and eric are
pissed as hell that im taking care of a farett. apearently
they don't think i can. i think their jelous for some
reason. i can understand eric. Matt and i have something
wonderfull the same something that eric and i had at
first. but then it just died out. maybe it was me, maybe
it was him, it was most likely just time though. i have no
idea why mars is so pissy. I have no idea why she is
jelous. actually i guess it might not be jelousy because
brad says the same thing, wait, like he has nothing to be
jelous about. oh well it doesn't matter. i just wish they
could see that i am actually good with ringo(my farrett).
They don't even think to come and see me with him. they
just make up usumptions. oh well fuck them both right?? i
still love you two though. I love all of my friends. i
don't think i tell them that enough. I feel bad i think i
might try and say it more often again. well later