lesley's life
2001-05-21 23:40:09 (UTC)

day six

Dear diary,
hi me again......... a think a must be the
happiest girl that a no of ma self(if that makes sence to
you)what a mean is that a have NEVER known ma self to be as
happy even before me and christopher fell out a dont no how
to let you understand how happy am are.

Tonight a was over at his bit again it doesnt bother me
being over there as long as am with him, today we spent all
day together, he was ment to be going to colllege but hes
never there ha as if am bothering(well it does kinnda cos a
know it will get him in bug shit if his dad finds out but
he doesnt listen anyway) a just hope next terms better for

Today we went out to see ma mum at work and we went ob=ver
to the travel agents just looking then he says, "would you
like to go away on holiday?" a says "yes" he says "no wif
me a mean!" of course a would, a would love to go away with
the man a love a thought he was only kiddin at first then
he wouldnt shut up about it but that didnt bother me coz a
started to get really excitted about it and all(as a girl
ment to do!!!)

Toady was so funny really weird not in a bad way or nowt
but in a funny way if you no what a mean we were talking
about how it feels atho we never fell out as tho it was
like one of us were away on there holiday or summit but
still we both know what did happen am quite gald that we
both sorted that out! am in love deffiantly and a now no
that it is love and not lust a kinnda knew that a loved him
when we were togther but needed something to insure me
thats what it was a the break done that nicely it was for
the best and we both knew that a think its brought us
closer if anything we seem to talk aload of shit about
anything and it sounds good ha (well maybe to me and not to
him)like for instins......tonight when he dropped me off at
11.00 there, we sat for 45 mins talking about shit we
couldnt never do that before!but it was funny a kept
waiting for him to tell me to fuck off or get the fuck out
or summit but no he wanting me to be there a was sooo
happy, its just small thing s like that,that makes me happy
a no am stupid but you dont understand the quality or love
until u loose it!!!

But now a have himback and am surely gonna try ma fuckin
bestest to keep him and have his baby chris's(as he put
it!) but just now am talking it one day at a time no
pushing or arguing cos a surly dont wanna loose ma baby

aw well am going to go to bed now so speak soon lala
(thats your name like it?) ha aw well love ya

lotsa love lesleyxxxxxx

lesley loves christopher 4 eva together(this time)