It's my world, I let you live in it
2002-04-05 03:14:03 (UTC)

I hate him!!!!!

Okay so I was already having a bad enough day with cramps
and all and having to work when stupid Jason, jerk of the
century, had to go and try to make it even worse. I won't
let him effect me though. I refuse to let it bother me. But
what he did tonight gets him blocked out of my life
forever, so I hope he is happy with it. He came into my
wor, knowing that I was there and all, and came with a
girl. Him and this girl were all flirting and stuff, like
it was supposed to bother me or something! Well here's a
shocker for ya buddy, I don't care. I was the one that
rejected you. NOT the other way around! If he thinks that I
am going to change my mind about him just because I see him
with another girl then he is wrong! I don't know why he
went and said that he misses me and crap like that and then
turned around and did that. Well see ya because I am never
ever talking to him ever again. I blocked him online, which
is a big accomplishment for me. I am so tired and I am glad
to be home. I went to the beach this morning with Angela
and Tracy and I got a little burned but not too bad. We
went out to lunch afterwards and I was almost late to work
because I got home right before I had to leave for there.
Which means I did not have any time to shower or anything!
So now I am icky and tired and I'm going to go to bed
because I am PMSing! LoL. Nite.