U think u know, but u have no Idea
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2002-04-05 03:12:44 (UTC)

i miss cancun.......very badly

hey all, today was a boring ass day. Went to school, meg
brought a camera (luckily I woke up early enough to put on
makeup this morning so I didn't look like total shit,lol)We
got a bunch of the two of us, it was cool. Me and stew are
tight again, it's so cute how he loves to hold hands, i
love it, when ever he sees me the first thing he does is
grab my hand. But the other thing is I really miss cancun.
Like the people too, but like the whole cancun atmosphere.
and I think jim turned me into an alchohalic,lol.but i do
miss the people...... liek i miss hanging out every night
on the beach till 1, and walking around in my skimpy little
bikini, showing off my six pack (hell yeah i finally got
one) and c cup boobs (just for u leeny)!!! It was
but i am kinda sad, my tan is starting to fade:( Meg tans
so nicely, honestly she is my old color(before my tan) and
i amm so dark. My friends are like ,u are soo black, I'm
just like well, I wonder y.Emma even had the fucking nerve
to ask if i wore sunscreen,lol. (u know like is black
people needed it)don't ask. the other thing i miss is the
free food and drinks,lol like not to sound cheap, but i
hate paying for shit. but I think I am gonna go
ttyl diary
mood:kinda tired, my legs and ass hurt
clothes: blue flowered ae shirt, thats like western style.
khaki colored courderoys from AF, doc martens(gotta love em)
song: Romoea and Juliet Soundtrack (I don't know y, just in
the mood)