My Life by Jen
2001-05-21 23:29:30 (UTC)

Jen's Rockin day.

I don't know why...nothing really "good" happened today, but
I feel so amazing...I have so much energy, I could probably
run a marathon like, twice. I'm just in an amazing mood! It
sucks that the long weekend is over, but I had a great
one....I got to spend some good time with my friends. It
makes me sad to think that in a couple months I'll be
leaving everyone and going off to university. Then again,
it's really scary.....I have so many really good friends in
my life...what If I'm loneley, what if I don't make any
friends? I don't know.

I still haven't found Mr Destiny...and I'm hoping thats
where I might find him. Everything that I've read says June
is my month to shine....oh I hope I find someone to share
myself with:)

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