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2001-05-21 23:17:02 (UTC)

A somewhat great day.......

Hey there,
I have had an interesting day. I had decided to write a
letter to my mom this morning to tell her how i feel about
going to florida and how they should learn to trust me and
let go. And my dad talked to me today and said that I could
go. How great huh? I guess I was just scared because my
parents always question me, but my dad said that I am 18
now and they have to accept that. it is just even harder
for my mom to let go. she is real fixated on thee perfect
daughter image,in some way. But I know she don't expect me
or my sister to be perfect in any way, but she wants to
think that we are, but we have definately made mistakes in
the past and we have to learn from them. I don't know. Tim
and I are doing okay. I only seen him on friday after work,
but on the weekend I didn't because my friend amy is
getting married in july and mixed plans around and I had
already told tim to go out on saturday with his friends,
and amy had changed her mind and then we had to do the
dress fitting on sunday, (the day I see tim) so I didn't
see him,cuz I had to work and get my bridesmaids dress
fitted. Oh well. I will chat with him tonight. Well, I will
w/b. Let ya know what's up. okay?? get with me people! I
know I lead a boring life but I can't help it!!Bye!