sheesh ya fuck
2002-04-05 00:54:35 (UTC)

today is the last day of my..

today is the last day of my block in school and no longer
do i have 5 1/2 lingering credits...i hardly talk to
cristene she has a lot of friends to keep her occupied and
i guess im not that important anymore..dont know where i
lost at but fuck it hurts anyways i still have chris..hes
all i have that really settles over ok most of the family is alright they can get old though but for
the most part evreything is fine for now no problems just
sorta a boredom depression evreything is so ugly and lame i
need to live a little bit more than this to feel
alive..routines really drive me insane because its the same
thing evreyday and i get impulsive and crrazy and i cant
handle it..but then i can..i dont know im really tired i
stayed up late till like 2 in da morning and then just been
going nonstop since then i wish i knew how to
another thing that sucks is im gaining weight like a
bitch...and i need to like hit that stage where im outta of
this one where i care and where i dont really eat..but
mania is somewhat overwhelming it never lasts as long as i
would like i know it wont stay i hope i try to help it
linger my nerves are really shot and ran down..i just need
to quit being soo up tight and calm myself..but yeah goodbye