Queen Bee

2002-04-04 23:56:53 (UTC)

i knew i couldnt be mad at him.

Last night, my b/f said he was going to call me. i
actually thought he would this time cuz we had a convo
about him never calling me, and we talked and everything
was all peachy. then last night, he went out to dinner with
his moma nd justin cuz it was justins birthday. a nd i
never got the call i said i was going to get and i was amd
but figured and really hoped he had a good reason for not
calling. and he did. he feel asleep in the car ont he way
home. which i can understand cuz he doesnt sleep much,a nd
then boy ended up calling him and woke him up but i was
asleep by then. so yeah im not mad. he was tired and feel
asleep. i dont care if we would have hungout or not i jsut
want to him to actually call me when he says he is going.
so yeah. i know im not his whole life but it barely feels
like im part of it. he can do whatever he wants have
whatever frind he wants, i jsut want to be a part of his
life. i want himto call me once in a a while. but whatever.
cant pickl and choose. man the other night red was over cuz
we worked all of our crap out. but then she sat there and
it pretty much sounded like she was saying that she was a
better person, friend and just all around better. and i was
crap. which i really didnt appreiate. then she was telling
me what i needed and didnt need to do about the concerns i
was having with b/f she was all like "tell him to go to
hell" i cant do that. i want to work it out, im not giving
up, i love him and im tired of giving up and runing with
things get a little shaking. so yeah me and him werent to
happy about that. I am just so tired of people telling me
what i need and dont need to do about my own problems. im a
big girl i can take care of myself but for some reason
people think that they need to protect me from the big bad
b/f. im just tired of it all.

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