J's Online Life
2001-05-21 22:00:13 (UTC)

SO HAPPY!!!!!!

Today is my happy day!!! Seth finally told me that he
likes me and i dont know im just soooo happy! Thanx to my
friend jenny. I dont know what will happen without her:(
hehe im just kidding. Ok first when i got to my first
period class i saw my friends which is vunt and sarah.
then while i was talkin to them, i checked what seth was
doing and then i was so surprised when i saw jenny talking
to him!!!! So what happened is seth told jenny that he
likes me. then at their lunch seth signed my autograph
book. his writing was crappy though but it was sweeeeeet.
oh my god im going crazy! i dont know what will happen
tomorrow though. at my reading class we had a party then
oh yeah before my reading class which is my science class
we watched the emperor's new grove. it was a pretty funny
movie. then at math we had a stupid final exam for
nuttin. but i still had fun. after school i saw seth
walking towards his bus and he looked at me and smiled
then i just smiled back. omg im sooooo happy! ok bai now!