Thoughts to Share
2002-04-04 23:03:12 (UTC)

the lowest of the low

Well-this week doesn't win the oscar for best week of my
life, not by a long shot. For starters....3 weeks, give or
take a few days, before the end of the semester and we
still don't have any midterms. That's ok....didn't really
need to know how I was doing in any of my classes anyways.
Wiggins' List strikes again.
Then there was the cell test. And as Meredith so nicely
put it...that's all I'm going to say about that. Except I
will add this....she (the profesor) is an absolute moron
and delights in making our lives miserable.
Housing....well, looks like this summer and next year I
will not be residing in an apartment, but will still be in
this lovely dorm room. Not that it's all bad, but I'm just
really disappointed. Money was going to be an issue that I
was worried about, but I wasn't having problems coming up
with pros to an apartment either. So...I will be moving
out May 3, in 2 weeks I will be moving into a different
dorm where I will live for approximately 2 months. I will
move all my stuff out and then 2 weeks later I will move
back into my room here. I'm just tired of living in a
dorm. It's good and all, but I'm just tired of dealing
with it. I'm tired of dealing with a lot of things...well,
more like I don't want to deal with certain things. But I
will...b/c I have to, there's not really so much of a
choice there.
Went to the baseball game for a few minutes last night.
Ahh...nothing like a baseball game on a summer night. I
asked Meredith if she would let me go to some games
somewhere this summer. Ha. :-p But it was fun...got me
away for a little bit.
So I came back fully intending to do work...eh...not so
much. A friend from the past....ha, that sounds funny. We
just used to be really close back in middle school. Then
we just kinda grew apart, but we'll occasionally see each
other. Anyways, so we talked for a little bit and caught
up on some things. It was really nice talking to someone
who knew you back then. :-) When things were easier...and
I had no idea what was coming my way.
I had a dream this afternoon during the short nap I took.
It was during that time when you're asleep, but you're
still kinda awake. I dreamed that we were driving...well
someone else was driving, but I was riding in the car. It
was in the middle of the night so it was really dark and
all of a sudden...or maybe we just noticed. Anyways, we
didn't have any headlights and couldn't see where we were
going. So I woke up all in a panic. It was really scary.
Spanish test tomorrow. Will study for that tonight.
Microeconomics reading before dinner. Then it's all about
some spanish. Except for Survivor and CSI, in which I will
work on cell during the commercial breaks. ;-) Tomorrow,
2:00...that's the goal.

Chico de chemico dos....outta there. Ha. :-p
Hello cell. Hilarious.

Alladin in tights. (Is that spelled right?)

(Word association game from last night.)
Heather: pot
Kathryn: drugs
Meredith: good

-Guy who A) Doesn't do sports commentary in Marshbanks
B) Knows how to write out the entire word you
(not u)
C) Doesn't have an annoying laugh
D) Doesn't have psycho-attachments to songs
We decided these things after sitting through ESPN in
Marshbanks. Yet another eventful meal in Marshbanks.