living life
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2002-04-04 21:14:24 (UTC)

just another day

So yesterday was eventful. My Ex Brian came up to see
me and well asked me out again and I had to reject him
and now I think he hates me but Im sure he will get over
it. I leave for Cedar Point in a month and there is no
point in getting anything started right now. Me Jules and
kevin went out to this Chinese restaurant by ny house
back in Toledo and oh my was it bad Im pretty sure its
what made me sick to my stomach!! Then we stopped
by my house and got in the hot tub for a little bit. That
was just good clean fun. After we got back I watched
Training day with my roommate and her boyfriend . I found that
movie a little odd and might watch it
again just to see what I missed. I think I went to bed at
about 5 am after pouring my heart out to my friend chris.
I think I was so tired that I didn't care what I said
because stuff I have never told anyone or had planned
on telling anyone kinda came pouring out. Here I am
sitting at my computer crying at 4:30pm telling him all
this stuff that probably makes him never want to talk to
me again. I have a recruit coming up tomorrow but I
dont know what Im suppose to do with her. It's not like I
can afford to take her out anywhere, and really that's not
my place. Oh so I've been taking these Stacker 3 pills
and man they are crazy. They make me shake pretty
bad and dont ever take them before you go to bed
because you wont sleep until rightbefore you have to go
to class and then miss a test you were suppose to take
oopps. I have to email my professor about that one. Im
such a bad student!! I was looking at massage therapy
schol last nightbecause I think that's what I really want
to go into aand I think I would be pretty good at it
perosonally. I need all the practice I can get so if
anyone needs a messaage just let me know. :) Ugh I
just want May to be here but I know as soon as it will
come it will go by all to fast and I dont want that so I
guess I have to be patient about it. Well that's enough
for one day. I'll write more later BYE