SuGaR RuSh
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2002-04-04 20:06:34 (UTC)

omggggggg! AHHHHHHHH!

LORDY 2 DAY SUCKEDDDDDD.....1st..mike advoided me the whole
day...he looked like he was cryin so he prob lied 2
me....brits still bein a bitch like always...don is
advoding me 2..not even calling...NOTHING @ all!!!!!
ahhhhhh thennnnnnnn....the best part.... i walk in 2 8th
per and krysten says 2 me..."i gotta tell u sumthin and ur
really b realllllly pissed" and im thinkin oh geez its
sumthin bout brit...but it wasent......she told me that
EVERY1 knew that i liked don...and that stupid fuckin ugly
ass lisa told every1 and his ex gf is pissed @ me or
sumthin....and she even started shit w/ my friend who went
out w/ don be4 2 and its been months and shes still sayin
shit and then on the bus missy told me that like she told
lisa that she thought don liked me and lisa said she
wouldnt tell or n e thing.....but she did and she changed
the whole fuckin story around and this stupid fuckin gurl
asked me who i liked and i was like no 1 and she was like
ur lieing...i was gunna kill her.......and...be4 all of
that stuff me n erin broke up now i only have my
homosexual bunny ...but i tink we r back 2 gether...and me
n mike r fiteing and