ahoy hoy
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2002-04-04 19:58:26 (UTC)

feed me!

in the word of our reat lord homer simpson, "me so hungry"
ahh i have to write a 4 page thing were ihave schizophrenia
and i have to write how its affecing me, i think am going
to be and extremely severe case were i make absolutely no
sence so i can write a bunch of drivel basically shit, it
will be great she will think its great. or so i hope in
mysick little twisted mind. muahhahahahahahaha, well
anyways am so bored hmmmm i have a bunch of nice soothing
weed but am not ( its a miracle) in the mood to smoke it
its weird, isnt it well anyways, no am saving for tonight
i'll toke up before going to bed then i'lll definitly go to
sleep. waiat what am i talking about i dont have classes
on fridays i dont need to sleep. ^_^.

i have come to the conclusion that i must be a disfigured
freask that throws these magnetic impulses that attract
really gross old men to me and repulses all the nice cute
college guy. yupe i have come to this conclusion( well i
do go to an all girl school so that can also he and issue
of my lack of boys), well anyways am goign to eat i havent
eaten anything and its 12 lunch time. oh my gosh so my
hamster is retarted it has to be and sucidal lke it will
walk off yor hand and fall to the floor i always catch it
before it hits but it does not know that falling from high
places is bad. oh oh i want to get a snake so bad am goign
to get a small boa or something so it can grow and be used
to me and love me in its weird dumb way, snakes are
really dumb creatures they are great survivalist but they
have are pretty dum not like my hamster wholike to jump
from really high places. then i can feed it oh oh am so

so i have become addicted tattoos i love them i want them
hopefully i will have cash on my b day on the 30 of this
month and get a nice leg tattoo of simese cats on my right
calf. am so exited.

i really dont want anymore piercing, i might get my nipples
pierced but i have to think about it more, see i get bored
and when i get bored ifgo get something done. i dunno to
pierce or not to pierce. i have a feeling am going to get
them done. everyone says it hurts like hell and i want to
see if that is teh truth or if they are really
exagerating. its a silly reason but, i also think that
they will look cooler after wards( lol . am waiting for a
while to get those thought, like after my ct tattoo and
thats goign to be a couple of weeks and then i might have
changed my mind we will see.

well am goignt o eat for real this time before i strve to
death, my uterus desided it likes being my friend again
iand is behaving now ^_^ which maked me really happy.