No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-04 19:44:10 (UTC)

my day

I "missed the bus" today. Tricia and I were walking to the
bus stop and it had just left as we turned the corner. We
could have walked and caught it at another stop, but we
didn't want to so we decided to stay home.
I got to sleep, then someone called at 9:30....darn. :( At
5:08 this morning, right before I got in teh shower someone
prank called me. I am not a morning person and I was really
mad. I RAN to the phone hoping the ring wouldn't wake
anyone up. It sucked.
I "forgot" to call Chris D. last night and tell him I
wasn't gunna go to the movies. oops. Yeah, I really don't
care. I dont appreciate people who only want to meet me cuz
I'm "hott" and they're blind. lol.
Yeah I had a lot of candy today. Bad Ashley.
I'm gunna go see Matt's band play next month, I promised
him this morning that I'd go see them play.
I'm gunna shut-up and I'll write later if something
interesting happens. Its 2:44, where is everyone? They
should be home!