my entity
2002-04-04 19:01:19 (UTC)

split personality

yeah! its confirmed...after careful self-evaluation of how
things been going on with me and with my acts, i can say
that i have a split personality of a girl and a boy. is
this weird or what? oh well...dunno! but for me..its just
fine coz i have my reasons..but definitely i am not a
lesbian but a real girl errr should i say a woman!
ahekhekhek... some cases...i am the boyish type of a
girl...most especially when im out alone (i used
to!)...during this times, i used to wear jeans or denim
pants and a plain shirt with matching rubber shoes or
sneakers and a backpack...

and why is this...coz i dont wanna be mistreated and
harassed...for me girls should be respected and not to be
humiliated or something...i hate those guys that's gonna
stare at me from head to toe with their eyes sooo...nah
nevermind, it just makes me want to spank them or insert a
stick on their eyeballs or sumthing...and besides..when im
gone to work i just commute, ride a bus.

i can be as sexy and pretty as any other woman if i wanted
to...if i wear dress or has a feminine get up, you will be
amazed hehehe...actually everyone is surprised if i go to
office wearing a dress...but these are for a few instances
only...maybe for special occasions and if i am with
somebody that could rescue or protect me from things i know that already aren't you? or maybe if im
already driving my own least no one can do
their "stuffs" if im inside my car...

there was this one time, im with a friend (JoCruz) and she
looks pretty and sexy with the dress she wore...while i
wore jeans that time and there was this guy in the jeepney
who kept on staring at her as if he wanted to eat her...and
i was sooo pissed off that time that i told my friend to
hurry up walking toward their house.

in addition, i dont want to make any good physical
impressions as much as possible... i want people to
recognize or befriend me with my character and inner traits
and not the physical one which is very usual. Oh well
there's a saying that first impressions last but not
always...remember for every rule there's always the
exemption. i always make good first impressions
anyways...on my own way...not the physical aspects way,
after all what is essential is INVISIBLE TO THE EYE... and
ofcourse beauty is seen in the eye of the beholder...

i admire those people who see the unseen beauty in me...they just
dont know how lucky they are to discover this and how worthy it is :)

that's all for now


3:01 AM