my pathetic life
2002-04-04 18:00:04 (UTC)

well i havent written in a..

well i havent written in a while and its becauseive been on
psring break. i went to destin, fl and i brought a friend
with me. it was ok, it didnt suck or anything. we drove
down and spent a nite in atlanta and i visited a couple of
my friends we just sat around and watched a movie. it took
us about 8 hours to get to florida so i got to listen to
all my cds, it pasted the time. the beaches were pretty but
the water was fucking cold. me being the stupid hawaiian i
am couldnt take the cold water for long. i believe that the
5 days we were there i got in the ocean 3 times maybe.

well the first hotel we stayed at was nice we got to rent 2
free movies each day so we got some good ones. we watched
dont say a word, that was good. and they had slc punk, and
one of my fiends had told me to watch that cuz they said i
would like so we got it. that movie was good but really
sad. then we got beavis and but-head do america cuz my
friend had never seen it, she thought it was really funny.
then we watched detroit rock city, that movie was soo good.
its really funny. we we got bored we would put a cd in the
crappy system they had in the room and turn it up really
loud. i blew out one o the speakers with my kittie cd,

well after like 3 days we went to another hotel and it was
as nice as the last one but still ok. the staff there were
gay, we had to wear these glow-in-the-dark wrist bands all
the time and every where we went people were like "can i
see ur wristband". that made me mad. we went for a walk
when we first got there and on our walk i bent down to roll
my pants up and this guy came up behind me. i didnt notice
him till i stood up and he was gond put this lil walking
penis toy he had on me but when i stood up he was like "HEY
I KNOW YOU!" it was my friend dan, i love him he was always
such a sweety to me. i remember when i first moved we
talked and he told me he would walk half way to charlotte
and meet me and i could live in his basement. after a
couple of minuets of chating with him and his friends he
left and that made me sad. i tried to find him the next day
but i never saw him.

one nite we went walking on the beach and we decided to sit
against this box where they keep the chairs and stuff. we
sat there and watched all the kids gather in the light and
try to hook up it was funny. we started to notice that guys
would go toe the boxes around us and pee, it was really
funny. we started to count how many guys peed on the boxes
i think it was about 9. this one guy saw us sitting there
and was like "did u guys just watch me piss? that really
weird" it was great.

my friend decided to throw sand on my so i threw some on
her and she decided to chase me down the beach with sand.
after we stoped we were standing there and these guys pased
and my friend just fell down. for no good reason just cuz
shes stupid and the guys said "is she alright? what did she
take, shes pretty fucked up" i was like "nope shes
completely straight, shes just and idiot". after talkin to
them for a while the guys went to my friend and said "well
im gona help ur up and then say, bullshit". well later

You cant tell the woman from the man. No I say you cant,
cause theyre dressed in the same pollution, dressed in the
same pollution. Their mind is confused with confusion
With their problems since theyve no solution
-bob marley