little mind farts...
2002-04-04 17:15:47 (UTC)

that feeling in your stomach

it's that feeling in my stomach that makes me feel like this
it's that burning behind the eyes
it's every little detail that shies away from description
it's the marvoulous thoughts that you keep away from me
it's the eveidence in the air that becomes tiring
it's the expeling of a soul that no one really understands
it's the shity little priorities that we put first
it's the demand of a life we don't or can't comprehend
it's those lonely times when everything around you is
it's okay because i have my love
it's okay because i have my confidence
it's okay because i recieve that precious light
it's okay because i know what i need
it's okay because i know what i want
it's okay because i fuckin say it is!

-declaration of truth
april 4, 2002