a little piece of me
2002-04-04 17:07:34 (UTC)

conversation with turtle

first off, lester, thanks for the little poem :) really
made my day. hope you're doing well.

ok, so last night turtle and i were discussing my visit.
he wasn't sure where we should stay...his mom's house, or
his friend bruce's house. he finally decided on his mom's
house, and i asked if he was sure she'd be ok with me
staying there. he said yeah, he already talked to her, and
there were no problems. i told him i wouldn't dress so
weird (no spikes or fishnets, etc) so that she wouldn't be
too freaked out by me. he said, 'don't you dare change the
way you dress for her or anyone else'. blew my mind. he
told me he loved me and he didn't care what she thought.
if she had a problem with the way i dressed, she could deal
with it. now, i don't want to cause problems, but i can't
believe he said that. that made me so happy.

he got his package yesterday...he said he loved everything,
and that he was going to kick my ass for sending so much
lol. the ring turned out to fit his middle finger
perfectly. i was glad about that, cause i was afraid i had
made it too big. he said he wore the shirt i made him all
day, too lol. his mom even got a kick out of it. how cute
is that? he said i wield a mean magic marker lol. he's so

anyway, i have to get packed, then head off for class.
have a great weekend everyone!