the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-04-04 16:02:54 (UTC)

Suicide Bombers

I was in a used bookstore on Monday, and the radio said
something about there being another suicide bomber in
Israel. And the Palestinians were celebrating.

Why do that? I mean, I understand that the
Palestinians/Arabs want to rid Palestine (...it's Israel)
of all the Jews, but notice how Jews aren't putting out
suicide bombers? Yeah, cuz maybe we understand that you
shouldn't die purely to kill others.

In my camp last summer, I did a small study type-thing on
the way Arabs perceive their suicide bombers. You know,
there was a 6 year old boy in the newspaper holding a
picture he drew of himself strapped to a bomb, jumping into
a place labeled "Jews Go Here." And his father was
ecnouraging him, saying that he'd a martyr. What the hell??
That's so sad, that this is a country in which children are
being brought up in. Even when this whole thing is stopped,
there's still going to be so much tension between the Arabs
and the Jews. The Arabs, because all they know is how to
hate the Jews. The Jews, because all they know is that the
Arabs will go to any extreme to get rid of them -- even
killing themselves.

That's terrifying.

To cheer me up, I'm listening to "Hey There" by Sammy
Davis, Jr. With *commentary* by Dean Martin. It's hilarious.