the random confessions of a teenager
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2002-04-04 15:54:16 (UTC)

Some Sum41

Wow. Sum41's lyrics just seem to be written just for me (*sigh*
aren't I lucky). And I'm not even a huge fan.

Some samples of what I mean:

"What's the difference of never knowing at all?
When every step I take is always too small.
Maybe it's just something I can't admit but lately,
I feel like I don't give a shit.

Motivation such an aggravation,
Accusations don't know how to take them.
Inspirations getting hard to fake them.
Concentration's never hard to break it.
Situation never what you want it to be.

What's the point of never making mistakes?
Self-indulgence is such a hard habit to break.
It's all just a waste of time in the end.
I don't care so why should I even pretend.

(Chorus Repeat)

Nothing's new,everything's the same.
It keeps on dragging me down,it's getting kind of lame.
I'm falling further behind,there's nothing to explain.
No matter what you say nothing's gonna change my mind.
Can't pretend on doubt until the end.
It seems like leaving friends has became
This years trend and though I can't pretend.
It's not the same but who's to blame.
For all those stupid things I said."

Yeah, I needed the whole song for that one.

"The faster we’re falling, we’re stopping and stalling
We’re running in circles again just as things were looking
You said it wasn’t good enough
But still we’re trying one more time
Maybe we’re just trying too hard
When really it’s closer than it is too far"

Totally me with...Ben....damnit.

Mad in a way but I don't say,
It's what you're used to.
I got the words but can't convey.
I know you'll turn it all around,
What if I would say?
Simple words I can't relate.
What came easy is now too late.
And it was always standing right in front of me.

Yeah, that's the way I perceive everything. I hate spoken
word -- it doesn't mean anything to me, cuz it's just
something to say. So...I either use it sparingly or I bullshit.

These days keep getting worse I'm wasting all my time.
I thought I'd come in first, instead I fell behind.
I don't know, I don't know if I can keep this up to long.
It seems most every time my motives are all wrong
But for now I don't see what's so wrong with pretending
It's true I thought you knew.