Meshed Up
2002-04-04 13:25:24 (UTC)


i want to make a statement. to neetu and thy mysterious me,
i replied to your messages in my website. lolz... this
sounds funny.. but check my reply out if you want. you can
leave another message if you wish. just decided to write it
down in case you didn't get my email. anyway i'm self-
promoting my website. which is very sad because i think
it's very narcissistic -- in a sense.


played basketball today. i sucked of course. doesn't
matter. at least i got my much needed exercise. my legs
feel weak though...and i have a bruise as well because i
fell while trying to grab the ball (or was i protecting the
ball?). the bruise stings a bit.. but don't worry. i'm fine.


sleepy. this is going to be a dull entry. so i'm signing
off for now. gnight.