Evil Elvis
2002-04-04 11:31:26 (UTC)

Some things never Fade.....Indelible mark is made......

Well, look at this dusty old place, haven't been around
here for a while.

Not really had much to say to be honest, I got sorta fed up
just saying the usual "I'm fine, but bored/boring" kinda
thing...not really been upto much so figured I wouldn't
bore you with my shit until something actually happened.

And something has indeed happened....

I've got a date!!! Tonight!!! And it looks....promising. :)
Won't say too much, but if all goes well I'll tell you all
about it (whoever you might be....god knows if anyone
actually reads this drivel...)

Other stuff that's going on....the threat of redundancy is
now looking less likely...apparantly Gartner are very
impressed by our work and we are still undercutting our
closest rivals by a considerable margin...which is nice!

Going to see Earthtone next week for the last time
ever....I think it'll be a good weekend, although I fear
the emotions may get the better of me on the saturday
night! I will endeavour to stay relatively sober and try
not to cry, but really...after getting the final version of
the Omega EP it's a damn tragedy...very poignant release to
go out with though, as it features my 4 favourite earthone
songs and Orchid Frequency which has always been cool!! If
anyone does actually read this shit, do yourselves a favour
and buy Omega by Earthtone9....I will personally refund you
if you don't like it! It's that bloody good!!

So there you go, an update...how impressive! Will bog off
now, better try and at least look busy.

PS-I am offically very nervous about tonight, so apologies
about the rambling inanely and all that :D Thank you!