ahoy hoy
2002-04-04 11:03:21 (UTC)

personality disorders

This is so funny I was reading in my abnormal psychology
book and I came upon this personality disorder, and it fit
one of my ex friends personality completely.

let me fill you in in the great drama that i was
involved in a couple of weeks before this journal came to
be. so I got hella wasted, I drank god knows
what, I had some hard lemonade that wasn't bad, but then I
like 6 gulp fulls of bacardi, it totally burned my throat,
But then the tequila came , and that’s my drink of specialty, and
my friend got it especially for me, and I drank a bunch of
That,( lost count after my 4 gulp and boy can I gulp) then I went
to my ex roomate’s room and had some
really bad beer and more tequila. To say the least I had way
more than my body would handle ( the sad thing is that am a
really good drinker hell I love to drink I think I was upset
that night and that’s why I drank more than I knew I should
have drank) well anyways my friend who we shall call ebony
(hahahaha that’s really her name but I don’t care) had to
basically care for me, not that she really did my room mate
was the on that got me to the bathroom and help clean me
up in the bath room when I started puking, and shit like
that, well anyway the next day she decided that she was
not going to talk to this friends of ours named Elaine
because she went home for the weekend and wasn’t here to

now if you ask me I think that is stupid, hell if home was 15
minutes away I would go home for the weekends to. There is
nothing wrong with it, well anyways, after the incident ( me
roaring drunk which really isn’t a big deal since its happes to
other people) as I
would like to call it, she stopped talking to Elaine and she
expected everyone else to stop talking to her and take her
side. now of course no one is going to stop talking to
Elaine because she is cool, and she has done nothing wrong.
well ebony stopped talking to anyone who would talk to her.
she started spending alot of time in my room, well no duh
me and her were like best friends, we were together 24/7
all the time she always slept over in my room and
everything, well one day during lunch I was talking to
Dadada, you guessed it Elaine well ebony totally flips out
which I should have known. She totally ignored me for the
rest of the day, but then later that night come sleeps over
And pretends nothing happed. well that day when she did
that I was totally pissed because dude we are supposed to
be friend friends don’t just ignore each other plus she was
really manipulative and shit like that she cared nothing
about my issues when I needed to study she would through fits
about what a bad friend I was because I wasn’t entertaining
her. but I was her friend despite all her annoying and
mean ways. well anyways I was angry so I vented in my
diary. I actually wrote about it a couple of time since
she did it 3 more times, well she read my diary one day
while waiting for me in MY room it Cleary says DIARY well
anyways she gets angry at me for writing about her, when I
should be
pissed at her for invading my privacy I was
like dude that’s what diaries are for you write in then to
vent and try to make sense of things I personally write to
vent but anyways she stops talking to me and now she like
talks to none of her old friends, now you are wondering why
am writing all this down well
ebony as I see it has a personality disorder and she doesn’t
even know about it
hahahahhaha. its really funny. It explains all her weird
behavior , I feel bad now though because I told every one
about it well every one of her ex friends who are my
friends and we are all making fun of it but its really
funny it explains it all.

here it goes: a person having five of these characteristics
might be considered to have a Histrionic Personality
1. over concern with physical attractiveness ( al this
girl thought about was her appearance she was super
meticulous about her looks it was pretty extreme.

2. rapidly shifting but basically shallow expressions of
emotions,( she was a drama queen one day she came into my
room in tears because she found out Ben Harper, a singer, was
Married, it was really scary she was crying)

3. Inappropriate sexual seductiveness in appearance or
behavior ( this girl embodies this all her clothing is super
small I mean she can wear it she is also really small but
her she dresses really provocatively and she is supper
flirty with guys now ,am a flirt to, but she clings more to
them than I do and that’s bad, because am pretty bad in this
Department, but its nothing compared to her I must honestly

4. Feels discomfort when not the center of attention ( this
girl would come into Elaine’s room and say she had
something really important to say take me to her room and have
nothing to say all she wanted was to get me out of Elaine’s
room and pay attention to her. when she was not the center
she would pout and get extremely and dramatically upset.)

5. excessively impressionistic speech which lacks detail (
this basically means when she said stories about herself they
lacked detail, ex. I had a terrible day it was just awful and
you would ask why was it awful she would repond with a loud
ahhhhh and say it was just terrible)

6. intolerable of, or excessive frustration over,
situations that do not work out exactly as plan( same as
my friend everything has to work out exactly or else it was
a catastrophe or it was horrible and the end of the world)

7. Apparent view of relationships as possessing greater
intimacy than is actually the case ( e.g. referring to an
acquaintance as "dear, my dear friend") this girl has best
friends everywhere every person she meet she refers to as
her best friend even though she meet his person for the
first time.)

8. exaggerated expressions of emotions, with much self
dramatization. ( hello she was a drama queen once she had
us take her to the emergency room because she was not
getting attention with the complaint that half of her face
was paralyzed, we new it wasn’t true because her face moved
just fine but we went anyway just to have a doctor tell
us she was fine.)
she basically has all these symptoms its great, well not
Really, but damm Karma is kicking her in the ass every one
dislikes her and she is a nut case
heeheheheheehhahhhhahahahah well anyways
its 3 am and am not sleepy ahhhhhhh
why cant I go to sleep uterus stop hurting me, ( am on my
period and my uterus thinks it great fun to attack (
cramps) lol men should have periods an that’s that.
hmmmmm I think this is pretty long I think its time for me to
do something else to entertain me until I go to sleep. oh
shit apparently my psyc teacher who I talked to and who
thinks am depressed talked to some deans assistant or
Some shit like that and she want to talk to me. I don’t
wan tot talk to her. she is nice but I don’t want to. mind
your own business. :( well this is it.
adios au revoir,