down in my eyes
2002-04-04 09:52:05 (UTC)

Thinking too much.

I wish soo badly, that i can go to Never Heard Of It's
show, tommorrow nite..
So far, it doesn't look like i have any luck tho...
I know maybe i'm being selfish, but it'll be a dreeam to
see my boys, just one more time, before i leave..
It's their last CA show, before their world tour, too.
But no one seems to care about how amazing it would be
for me, to be there...

It's really aggravating... 'N i had a headache, from
thinking too much, about it..

It's 2am, 'n i just woke up, from acoupla hours~ nap..
I woke up from a dream that someone I"Med me...
'N then i realized that i've still been online.

'N then i realized, i still have to pay the bills, that my dad
wants me to,.. 'N that i didnt even finish my paper, that's
due tommorrow. (Today, now.)


"Responsibility? What's that?
I don't want to think about it..-"