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2001-05-21 19:32:27 (UTC)



every year they come, their miniature little bodies crawl
over the kitchen floor until you lose sight of the ground
and instead only see a mass of moving things on the ground,
I'm of course talking about ants. Oh no! They're invading

Tomorrow no-one in my year is getting school dinner and
because we eat as a year on our own it means no-one will
get in the quee. Isabella and I stood outside the dining
room, reminding everyone as they departed, i can hardly

It was a little surreal today. I made daisy chains and
Alice and isabella wore them, pretending to be fairy
queens, it made sense at the time, i guess sunny the
weather is getting to us.

I also found out that happy go lucky, perky, fun, funny
Jazz isn't as fine as we always assume. She cried, and it
was sad because I suck when it comes to sympathy.
Apparantly she has health problems, is doing badly in
class, and katherine is deserting her. I have to cheer her
up now, I think some problems are at home as well because
she mentioned it but didn't want to journey further on the
subject, I didn't attempt to dig. I feel sad for her :(


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