Nick's Journal
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2002-04-04 07:32:22 (UTC)

I like Spring

Yes that's right i love it. i always feel so good around
this time of year. just something about the air, or
whatever. it's so great to feel the warm rays of
sunshine. and. year's winding down. last test's coming
up. writing sentences that aren't sentences.
i'm having such a great time now and it's great when you
realize it while you're having it. i enjoy the trips to
the gym, the trips to dietrick, the trips to applebee's
and anything and everything else. i love the fact that
EVERYONE is here for atlesat one semester because i doubt
that wil ever be the case again. we even have the yak
wiht us.
i just want to enjoy the last couple of weekends get as
wasted as possible and just live it up. outside, inside
and whatnot. make fun of people and just say our bigot
like things because let's face it......with whom else can
i do this? nooooooooone else everyone else would think
i'm cold hearted.
I get to be sappy for just one second and say just how
much i love my juliann ;-). alas, i just love being with
her and during the summer it will be scarce that i shall
see her, so all i want is to be with her and my friends.
what else could i want? nothing really? i just live this
last month.....yes i know only a month!!!! don't think
about my internship and just live the moment because as
michael chabon so brilliantly wrote "once you feel the
pang of nostalgia you know that you can never re-live the
experience" which is why when you live in the moment (yeah
i used that cliche twice) you get twice the pleasure,
sorta like having two dicks. so enjoy yourself.
it all goes like this.
how to enjoy yourself :
you see that cheeseburger? eat it.
someone mumbles something? leave it.
have something to say? say it
have something you want to do? do it.
don't inhibit yourself so much! alcohol helps....a lot.
it makes you cooler, sexier, smarter....well maybe not,
stronger, and more coordinated.
hit the bong, eat the shroom, and float away into another
life for however long it lasts.
dont' worry so much about your decisions.
love your happiness and don't worry. don't have doubts.
don't take that "what you do now determines the rest of
your life" thing too seriously.
what determines your life is whatever you do in the moment.
and right now for me that would be being with juliann and
having fun with my friends.......oh yeah, and bedding down
with the sweet sweet illegalities of college life.....
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, beeeeeeeer.