Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-04 07:15:42 (UTC)

CLOSURE - Warning! Specialist Entry.

I was thinking today about old friendships. I was out with
a couple of our old friends last night, just playing a bit
of football and watching the Liverpool match. Funny how
though we've all grown we can still meet up at the fountain
down the road, and things are the same as they ever were.
Advice to people on this side of things is to never lose
your friends. It takes no time at all - an e-mail, a phone
call, whatever, but there's no excuse not to do it. Its not
worth it.

People who you've been good friends with will ALWAYS be
your friends. You might know less about them, know them
less well, but unless something tragic happens you'll both
always be the same people, and this means you'll always get
along. Or so it seems. So make the effort. Have friends.

And now to closure. I was thinking about it, not too long
ago. Its a word I would never use until about a month ago,
and even now not so frequently. And...well, it seems that
things which come to a natural end need a degree of forced
closure, just to leave everything 'sorted' in one's mind.

I will develop this point as the day goes on. I've only
just got out of bed and a lot of words are floating round
my mind.

WILT? W A Mozart - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.