The words of Blue River...
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2002-04-04 06:53:17 (UTC)

I don't know sometimes

I know I know, youdon't want to hear about Joe anymore.
But.. Sometimes I just get a weird feeling about him..
Like the other night when me, him, and Adam were over at
Grace's house. Well, almost every time I looked over at
Joe, he was looking at Grace. It wasn't everytime, cuz
sometimes he was looking at me, but 7 outta 10 times when I
looked at him, he was looking at Grace. It sort of made me
feel like shit.. ya know? I just.. I feel that sometimes
he doesn't really compliment me on anything. I mean,
usually when we're together I tell him how sexy he is, and
how much I love his beautiful eyes, and how much I love
everything about him.. but, I don't think he's once told me
that I was good looking. The closest he's gotten is
telling me I"m not fat. And I know I'm not fat.. I'm just
a little chubby.

Well, I don't know if he's going to read this again, but
whatever. He knows I love him.

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