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The Mad Scientist's Notebook
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2002-04-04 05:45:17 (UTC)


Well, now that the majority of the work on the Poetry
project in the writing sense is done, I am now mainly
concerned with the release and such. That said you can get
a glimpse of me reading three poems, "What's Up", "Cosmic
Joyride", and "You" on a CD from K MAX media. The web page
is here:

so if you are willing and able to enter the contest, you
can catch a sneak peak of me reading some of the poems in
the collection just type it in. On the bright side you can
see what I look like to.
As to what I think of the cd is in a word: awesome. Kaleem
has a gift for multimedia and this cd showcases his
talents. As for my part in this, I basically fumbled my
way through it. Still, it's worth a look see. Kaleem is a
very creative and talented individual and will one day be
very successful at this. This is your chance now to see
In other news pertaining to me Justice Byrds#99 is out and
now available to read at


so please do so. I had fun writing this. I'm now planning
the series beyond the 100th issue. Particularly the 101-
106 storyline. Beyond that, I'm going to be on a vacation
from that too.
Well that's enough out of me, I hope you have a good night
and Hope you had a fun holiday.

The Mad Scientist

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